As the Tigris continues on its mission behind enemy lines, a distress call from a Cardassian planet draws the crew into a rebellion and viral epidemic.  

Joe – GM
Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer
Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security
Aaron Carsten –Lieutenant Platt – Denobulan engineer.

As the Federation wages war with the Dominion, the newly christened USS Tigris finds itself deep behind enemy lines.  To undermine the Dominion’s ability to make war, the crew of the Tigris are tasked with destroying a Cardassian shipyard.  However, upon arrival it becomes obvious that something foul is afoot.  

Joe – GM
Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer
Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security
Aaron Carsten –Lieutenant Platt – Denobulan engineer.

The crew of the Mercury has received some good news and some bad news.  The good news, war with the Klingon Empire has officially end.  The bad news, the Dominion has invaded Federation space.  The good news, the Klingon Empire is all onboard with helping the Federation fighter the Dominion.  The bad news, the Mercury has been deemed a failed experiment and is in the process of being decommissioned.  

Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

After returning from the mirror universe, the Mercury is immediately docked at star base.  As specialists examine to warp core to ensure that such an accident never occurs again, Ensign Platt is given leave to attend his aunt’s third marriage. Intrigued with the opportunity to experience Andorian culture, Dr. Maro tags along to partake of the festivities and perhaps solve a murder.


Joe - GM

Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.


Note: Reposting this episode due to the original being cut short due to technical difficulties.  Consider this the Synder Cut.  If you have listened to the previous version please feel free to skip ahead to the 3hr and 27 minute mark to continue where the recording cut out.

With that said, this was a super fun game to play.  I think the best description of the session was from Crazon, who said it like Sailor Moon meets Doom.  Also in this follow-up scenario, we are using Delta Green rules to portray a shadowy organization covering up the existence of magical girls.

Following the tragedy at the Sakura Festival, Project Twilight is activated to keep the public ignorant. As four agents attempt to cover-up the events that happened at the theater, they discover that although one battle may have ended, another one is just beginning.

Ian – GM

Aaron S – Jeral M – Analyst 

Adam – Fred W. – Federal Agent

Chris – Michael S – City Worker

Darth – Cmd. Kenji Y. – Soldier

While is important for a game master to have clear objectives when plotting out a campaign, it is also equally important to allow players the opportunity to fill in the gaps with content based on their decisions.  In what could be called an ‘organic’ episode (we started talking till a topic developed) Adam, Crazon, David and Rob discuss how to establish player buy-in.

Note:  Contrary to what the background noise might suggest, we did not record this episode in a Chuck E. Cheese.

Music: Ketsa - Love Heart

Forces from the Kingdom of Gehenna have infiltrated the city of San Franoyoko.  As the annual Cherry Blossom festival draws near, it is up to the magical girl group The Champions of The Emotional Prism to uncover their nefarious plans and save the city.

Ian - GM

Aaron – Samantha/Twilight Legend Morrigan 

Adam - Sarah/ Lovely Princess Googly 

Crazon _Renae/ Luminous Power Maiden Kijo  


When the Chieftain’s son does not return from his rite of passage quest in the Devil’s Marsh, brothers Baldun and Tag are tasked with uncovering the youth’s fate.


Joe - GM

Adam – Tagh – Hunter

Ethan – Baldun – Warrior

Recently, game designer Jeff Barber, creator of Blue Plant and Upwind, stopped by to discuss his latest project currently Kickstarting, Blue Planet: Recontact.  During this interview Jeff talks about changes to the Blue Planet world and system, as well as the current Kickstarter campaign.


Blue Planet: Recontact's Kickstarter campaign is currently underway.  

The Blue Planet: Recontact free quickstart guide is available on DriveThru.

The crew of Red Sky Charters have recently been hired by Biogene executive Everett Whitegate III to lead him and his team on a weeklong survival/team building retreat in the outback of Poseidon. A thousand klicks away from civilization, everything appeared to be going fine, that is until the sabotage began.

Adam – Drew Latamir – Ex-Geo Pilot turned Poseidon pilot.

Brownie – Digger Jones – Mechanic, local guide

Chris – Maggie Merriweather – Geo Warden, Sylva hybrid

Joe – Phillip Sanchez – Local Guide, Insurgent Sympathizer

Blue Planet: Recontact is currently being Kickstarted (4/6/21 -5/6/21) .  We had a blast playing this game and you will too.  Head on over and back it today!


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